For my final project, I decided to collaborate so that all the time an effort could be used for more than just my own portfolio. My friend Lauryn took some great fashion shots for her colour class last semester. She took photos of her friend Suzy Sabla, singer in Junior Major and also style extraordinaire at the vintage store Burcu’s Angels at Main and 16th. For my final project I created a “look book” for the store as all the vintage clothes Suzy was wearing in the photos came from the shop, and Lauryn sees her images in a different context which she can add to her portfolio as well.

The most difficult part of the project was probably just all the little learning curves that pop up unexpected. Mostly in the printing process, and the colour correction was a bit time consuming.. overall I really enjoyed this project. It was also the first one that I have been able to sit for a somewhat long period of time which has been soo exciting! My back is finally getting better 🙂



Here is a funny mid’20th century parody of predictions of life in 2000. It won the best short film at the New York Comedy Film Festival. Written and Directed by Scott Dikkers


Popular Blog

June 23, 2009

I haven’t spent much time on blogs.. reading, making or exploring them and did not quite realize how popular some are. I do remember about 4 years ago hearing about a fellow Saskatchewanian with a somewhat popular political blog. I just found it again.. and it is more like an enterprise! She has won some awards for her blogging and has some pretty interesting posts.


June 23, 2009

Cineworks is an independent Filmmakers Society and Studio here in Vancouver. My friend and fellow Emily Carr student Vanessa Brown is doing a summer internship at the gallery, and will be putting on a show during SWARM in September.


June 23, 2009

For my final project booklet, I used a website called for free type downloads. I was slightly hesitant to use them as I was scared they might not print right.. but they did! There are some great shapes under “Dingbats”..

… which is one of the most ridiculous words in the English language if you are wondering my opinion…

Free Type Downloads!

June 22, 2009

I found a website of a graphic designer named Rodrigo Fuenzalida from Caracas, Venezuela. To celebrate his site getting 5000 hits, he is making available a couple of his typefaces to download.. for free!

This is an article that was linked into my online course that is about technology and social networking on the internet.